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At Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley, we know carpeting. Homeowners in the greater Elkton, Kennett Square, Chester County area trust our quality products and expertise. Our customers often ask us for tips to extend the life of their new custom carpeting. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your new carpet stands the test of time.

1. Vacuum every week.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your carpets is vacuum. Whip out the old dust buster at least once per week—more for large families and pet owners. Vacuuming is important for a number of reasons. It removes allergens from your carpets, leading to fewer sniffles in the springtime. It helps get rid of dirt that will discolor the carpeting. Most importantly, vacuuming removes sand and other grit from your carpeting, preventing it from adding wear and tear. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations. For example, avoid using a beater bar attachment on Berber carpets.

2. Steam clean every year.

Vacuuming removes a lot of contaminants, but only a good steam cleaning can truly cleanse the depths of your carpet’s fibers. You can rent steam cleaners from any major home improvement store. A professional cleaning, however, is well worth the investment because it can add years to the life of your carpeting.

3. Move your furniture around.

Carpet degrades over time from our footsteps. It also becomes discolored due to the UV rays found in natural light. This happens very slowly, so there is no need to close the blinds. It is worth it, though, to move furniture around every once in a while so your carpets wear evenly. Otherwise, the carpeting underneath your couch will look brighter and newer than the rest of the room.

4. Invest in mats and rugs.

For high traffic areas, mats and area rugs are a great idea. Every entryway should have a doormat to protect your carpeting from dirt and grime. Hallways are a great part of the house for long rugs because they get a lot of foot traffic.

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