Home Improvement Projects, Floor Coverings International Brandywine ValleyThe weather outside is frightful, but that makes winter the perfect time to complete some indoor home improvement projects. Check these items off your to-do list this winter, before the temperature warms up and all thoughts turn to yard work!


Everyone has heard of spring-cleaning, but who actually wants to stay indoors cleaning the house when the sun is finally shining? Take some time this winter to complete those cleaning projects that are easy to overlook. For example, the tile and grout in your bathroom or kitchen should be scrubbed and sealed annually. And a deep carpet cleaning once a year, either by a professional or with a rented machine, can help prolong the life of your floor coverings.


Much like cleaning, winter is a great time for home organization projects. While you’re stuck indoors, you might as well take the time to clear out those cluttered closets and drawers. Make the project easier by taking it one room at a time, and sort your things into keep/donate/sell piles. Your donations could help someone in need get through the winter, too.


Lighting is so important during the darker winter days, and people are often surprised to learn the recommendations for home lighting. A 12×16 room, for example, needs up to 300 watts of lighting, or five 60-watt bulbs. Take some time this winter to improve the lighting in your rooms, and consider making the switch to LED bulbs to save energy as well.


A fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to make a room feel new again. Painting is both a great indoor project and a good way to relieve the winter blues. The long winter months can make anyone feel claustrophobic, and a warm tone on the walls can lift your spirits, and improve your home! Be sure to crack a window while the paint dries to air out the fumes.


Winter is a great time to refinish or replace old flooring. Tearing out carpet or sanding hardwood floors can be a do-it-yourself project, although we recommend working with a professional to ensure new flooring is installed correctly. Our team at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley provides expert design and installation services to help you get the perfect flooring for your Elkton, Kennett Square, Chester County area home. Contact our team for a free consultation today!

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