best flooring for radiant heat in kennett square

As winter approaches in the Kennett Square area, you want to keep your home warm and cozy. But however high the thermostat, cold flooring can still send a shiver up your spine.

Radiant floor heating can be the right type of system for your home when you want a warm floor along with a warm house. These systems push heat through flooring, or the walls and ceiling, to heat a cold floor or the entire home. There are different types of radiant heating available, including the two most popular:

  • Hydronic radiant heat is a method that uses heated water from a boiler and passes it through tubes below the floor.
  • Electric radiant heat is simpler to install and uses electricity to heat cables or electrically-induced mats below the flooring.

Picking the right type of flooring for a radiant heating system can have a significant impact on the type of installation you want, the efficiency of the radiant heating system, and the comfort of your home.

Types of Flooring for Radiant Heating Systems

It is often argued that any type of flooring can work with radiant heating. However, certain flooring, such as solid hardwood, can become damaged if the radiant heating system goes above a certain temperature. Here are some of the best types of flooring to consider.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to tile flooring, any option works well with radiant heat. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great conductor of heat as they draw in the heat and can hold it for long periods of time.

Natural Stone

Just like porcelain and ceramic tiles, natural stone flooring is also a great conductor of heat. You may often find radiant heating systems installed in bathrooms where you would commonly find natural stone flooring installations. It is completely safe to use.

Engineered and Laminate Wood

One of the main problems with using radiant heat with wood flooring is that it can expand and shrink considerably based on heating/cooling cycles and humidity. Engineered and laminate wood flooring are more stable than solid wood flooring and are a safer choice to pair with radiant heat. Of course, always follow the manufacturers recommendations for a product to avoid damage.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can be used with radiant heating systems, but there are a few issues you have to address. Vinyl can become damaged from high heat and discolor or give off chemicals through off-gassing. Most manufacturers will list a maximum allowable heat for their vinyl products, so again, follow the products’ recommendations when installing vinyl over a heating system.

Picking the right flooring for your radiant heating system can provide you with a beautiful home that will keep the cold away during the winter months. Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley to get started with a free in-hone consultation today.

Photo by ©Moskalenko Yuliya