vacuuming hardwood Brandywine ValleyAt some point, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s really okay to use a vacuum on your hardwood floors. Sure, it’s a heck of a lot faster than sweeping – but perhaps you’ve had some lingering doubts in the back of your mind about whether this timesaving method of cleaning was actually damaging your beautiful floors.

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around out there when it comes to cleaning and caring for hardwood, which is why the Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley experts are here to settle this question once and for all. We want you to enjoy the hardwood floors in your Brandywine Valley home for years to come – so read on to separate fact from fiction when it comes to vacuums and hardwood.

Why Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

vacuuming hardwood floor Brandywine ValleyFirst, let’s get one thing straight: it’s totally fine to vacuum hardwood as long as you have the right machine. The main reason to vacuum hardwood floors instead of sweeping them is because you’ll reduce the allergens and particulate matter floating around the air in your home.

Additionally, vacuums can get the grime out of small cracks and crevices that are usually missed by a regular broom, and vacuuming tends to be more comfortable on your back. However, it’s still good to maintain a regular routine of mopping since there’s usually a little dust left over no matter how good your vacuum cleaner is.

Best Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

A really great vacuum will be able to handle a variety of surfaces without damaging any of them. Here are a few features your vacuum should definitely have:

  • Rubber wheelsrobotic vacuum hardwood floor Brandywine Valley
  • No old-fashioned beater/brush bar
  • HEPA filter (removes very small particles)
  • At least 1000W (watts) suction power
  • Crevice attachment tool

In general, avoid older vacuums and exercise special caution with upright vacuums since these are usually designed primarily for penetrating into thick carpet fibers and fluffing them up. To be safe, choose a canister, stick, or robotic vacuum, since these tend to be designed with a variety of flooring surfaces in mind.

Ask The Experts

Every floor and every home are different, so if you’re still feeling unsure, contact our hardwood experts for a free, in-home consultation! We’re proud to serve the greater Elkton, Kennett Square, Chester County area, and we love talking about the fine details of hardwood floor care. Let us save you some time by bringing our mobile showroom straight to your front door! Give us a call or contact us online today.

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