brandywine valley hardwood floor refinish

If your hardwood floor doesn’t pack the visual punch it used to, you’re not out of luck. Hardwood is actually a long-term choice in flooring because of its capacity for renewal. “Refinishing” is a process applied to hardwood in order to bring it back to the days when it was first installed, shining and splendid.

Today, Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley talks hardwood refinishing and offers some tips to Elkton homeowners looking to revitalize their hardwood floors.

Is it Time to Refinish?

When hardwood floors look dirty, dull, discolored, or scratched, your first step should be a deep clean. If this doesn’t renew the floor to your liking, it may be time for professional assistance. You can always try examining the impact of water on your hardwood to determine the need for refinishing as well. Test a small, hidden area of the floor with a spritz of water. If it is immediately absorbed, you know your floor could use some help!

For hardwood that is looking lackluster, you have two routes. First, you can have your floor buffed and resealed. This is best for hardwood floors where the wood itself is relatively unscathed, but the topcoat is badly damaged.

Buffing is a quicker and less involved fix that diminishes the topcoat and reseals the floor. However, if the damage is deep into your planks, it is probably time for option two: the sand/refinish.

brandywine valley hardwood floor refinish

The Sand/Refinish Option

This is where homeowners really get the chance to see their hardwood return to its former glory. The topcoat is sanded down to bare wood, and surface irregularities and other damage are also sanded away, leaving the floor nice and smooth, like new. You can even have your hardwood re-stained to the color of your choice during this step.

Finally, a new coat of protective sealant is laid on top of the wood, leaving your hardwood in the best shape it’s been in years.

Is Your Resolve Sealed?

For all things floor-related, Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley is your local flooring service provider. We are at the ready to get you started on your next flooring project with a visit from our mobile showroom and a free in-home consultation! Contact us today and see why we’re so popular with homeowners in Elkton, Kennett Square, Chester County, and surrounding areas.

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