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Color coordination should be among the chief concerns for homeowners considering tile flooring. Believe it or not, the color sequence of a floor can say a good deal about its owner! Of course, while there is no wrong way to go about your own home decor, it never hurts to consult the existing guidelines for color design and the ambience it creates in a living space.

Today, the experts at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley present our handy reference to tile colors for artful Brandywine Valley flooring.

The Color Wheel

The primary colors include red, blue, and yellow. Green, purple, and orange are secondary colors. By combining any of these colors, you create a tertiary color. It was actually Sir Isaac Newton who developed the original color circle diagram, which linked colors together and classified them as either “analogous” or “complementary.”

On the color circle, colors are analogous if they are located adjacent to one another. Coloring your walls and floors with analogous tones may create a feeling of visual calm, sort of like the colors getting along with one another. Rooms intended for relaxation are an excellent place for analogous colors.

On the other hand, when colors are located exactly opposite one another on the wheel, we call these complementary. Complementary colors create a sense of energy with their high contrast. Their vibrant enthusiasm is perfect for more active rooms where people prefer to be engaged.

brandywine valley tile floor


When you color-coordinate tile floors, you may opt for a variegated color scheme. This just means that different sections of your floor surface, or different tiles, are colored differently. A tile floor can be variegated with complementary or analogous colors, as mentioned above.

Especially with smaller tiles, variegation of colors can hide dirt or scuffs by way of its intricate and active pattern. Rooms that see a lot of traffic may benefit from variegated colors in the tile floors.

Grout Tones

Light tiles convey a sense of space in the rooms they inhabit. Dark tiles emphasize coziness. One way to play with different colors, light or dark, is to color the grout between floor tiles. For homeowners who prefer uniformly colored tiles, the grout can act as a color foil to the tiles, providing the complementary or analogous imagery that comforts or energizes occupants.

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