Top 3 Rooms for Engineered Hardwood Flooring Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley

Unlike solid hardwood, which is simply wood through and through, engineered hardwood flooring is constructed by placing a thin piece of wood over several layers of plywood. The resulting structure of engineered hardwood is slightly more stable than solid wood, imbuing it with a greater ability to resist water damage. This quality allows homeowners to be able to place hardwood in rooms that might otherwise have been problematic. Join Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley as we discuss three of the best rooms for engineered hardwood flooring.


Because hardwood flooring can be vulnerable to water damage, it is not always feasible to place this type of flooring in kitchens. Engineered hardwood, with its added moisture-resistant capabilities, is a great way to bring hardwood into this room without having to worry about the resulting warping that could be caused by water damage. While a leaking dishwasher will still affect these floors, as it would most flooring, engineered hardwood will ultimately hold up well to spilled drinks and other likely sources of moisture in the kitchen.


Many homeowners, when installing hardwood flooring, will ultimately sacrifice putting wood floors in their bedroom due to expense. While the rest of the house is more public, and therefore often prioritized for design purposes, your bedroom should still feel like a beautiful haven that you can retreat to at the end of the day. Engineered hardwood is the perfect way to bring wood flooring into your bedroom, as it is typically less expensive than solid hardwood.

Powder Rooms

As opposed to a full-service bathroom, powder rooms lack a shower and tub, which means they typically don’t have the same potential for water damage. This makes them a great location for engineered hardwood flooring where moisture levels still need to be considered.

Additionally, and this holds true for all of the rooms listed here, engineered hardwood is relatively easy for professionals to install. This makes it a convenient flooring option for busy households that might not be able to vacate the premises for installations that take longer periods of time.

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