ash hardwood flooring glen millsVersatile and beautiful ash hardwood flooring could be the perfect addition to your Brandywine Valley home. Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley is proud to connect homeowners with ash wood floors. Keep reading to learn what makes this hardwood one of the most popular options across Elkton, Kennett Square, Chester County and beyond!

Characteristics of Ash Hardwood

Beautiful and Versatile

Ash comes in a variety of shades, each one offering natural beauty. The sapwood, or outer part of ash, is light blonde in color. This color tone will give your home an open, bright, and natural vibe. This shade also takes well to staining. Consider a bright red hue to give ash the sought-after appeal of pricier cherry hardwood. The heartwood of ash is darker; a rich mid-toned brown. Ash hardwood ranges the full spectrum of colors between its sapwood and heartwood. The grain of ash is typically straight and minimal, making it an ideal choice of flooring that will complement any decor.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Cared for properly, ash hardwood will last a lifetime. This durable wood is often used in baseball bats for its excellent shock resistance. The lighter shade of ash sapwood will also aid in concealing dust, crumbs, and minor scratches. This makes ash a lower maintenance flooring than darker woods.


Ash hardwood is easily available from sustainably grown forests. Sustainable forests grow faster than the rate at which their trees are harvested. If you are concerned about deforestation and the environmental impact of your floors, ash is perfect. As a natural material, hardwood also requires fewer resources and releases fewer chemicals during the manufacturing process.

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