Walnut Flooring in Brandywine ValleyHomeowners in Kennett Square love hardwood for their flooring needs, and Brazilian walnut is a top choice for those who want rich color and long-term durability. Brazilian walnut is a standout hardwood option that we offer here at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley. Read on to learn more about this hardwood for your home.

What is Brazilian Walnut?

Brazilian walnut is a wonderful option for home flooring, and this hardwood is well known for its attractive appearance and high durability. The wood has a marvelously rich color, with a distinctive rosy-brown hue. Brazilian walnut has a subtle pattern of graining, intermingled with darker streaks of oil staining. Warmth and depth are key descriptors for this luscious variety of hardwood.

Beauty aside, Brazilian walnut is famous for its strength. On the Janka scale (used to measure the hardness of wood) Brazilian hardwood scores a 3,500, making it one of the world’s hardest woods. In fact, Brazilian hardwood is so dense that it’s actually fireproof!
Walnut Floors in Brandywine Valley

Benefits of Brazilian Walnut

Because it’s so hard, Brazilian walnut is extremely damage resistant. Its dense strength makes it less susceptible to dents and scratches as they occur over time. Brazilian walnut is a great choice for high-traffic areas around the house, and it can be refinished many times over, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who want their wood to last decades.

Brazilian walnut is infused with a considerable amount of natural oil, which makes this wood resistant to termites, mold spores, and moisture. Indoors, this wood is great for allergy sufferers, and outside, it makes for a fabulous and hearty deck.

Some Considerations

Brazilian walnut ranges from light to medium-dark, but across the board, this color is extremely rich. This intensity can overwhelm smaller rooms, narrow hallways, or spaces with lots of furniture. On the other hand, Brazilian hardwood is perfect for larger spaces such as dining rooms and living rooms. When you give the beauty of Brazilian hardwood room to breathe, its unique color is sure to impress.

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