If you are a Kennett Square homeowner deciding on what type of hardwood flooring to install in your home, then you’ve probably heard a lot of unfamiliar terms being thrown around like ‘parquet’ and ‘acrylic impregnated.’

Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley wants to help you settle on the right hardwood for your space. Here our experts discuss hand-scraped hardwood flooring, a beautiful option that brings a sense of artistry and warmth into any household.
hand-scraped hardwood flooring in kennett square

What is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraped flooring harkens back to the days when woodworkers, working by hand, would draw a knife across a wooden plank to create an even and smooth surface. This handcrafted quality meant that each plank turned out slightly different. These days, hand-scraped hardwood can be made by hand or machine, with either rendering maintaining its warmth and distinctly unique look. When installing this type of flooring a certain level of creativity is required in order to create the most visually pleasing arrangement of boards. 

Benefits of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Unlike distressed wood that is often designed to look older than it really is, hand-scraped hardwood is able to look new while still providing a vintage or antique aesthetic. While this style looks beautiful in homes with a rustic or country decor, it is also great as a contrasting decorative element in more modern or formal spaces.

Another benefit of hand-scraped hardwood is that it stands up to the wear and tear of a highly trafficked home. While other styles of hardwood can have difficulty accommodating houses with kids and pets, hand-scraped wood flooring provides a great surface for absorbing dents, scratches, and scrapes as they easily blend into the existing surface of the floor.

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