As far as Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley is concerned, there’s no denying the beauty of rich, textured mahogany hardwood. As a flooring material, mahogany sits around the top of the hardwood hierarchy, a deluxe wood in deep tones of chocolate tinged with sumptuous cherry.

Brandywine Valley mahogany floor

Considering both this beauty as well as its notorious durability, it is easy to understand why mahogany is often thought of as a deluxe hardwood. Here are some pros and cons of mahogany flooring to help you decide if it’s the right material for your Glen Mills home.


Mahogany is a resilient material, often featuring few to no pockets and grooves. It ranks quite highly on the Janka hardness test, meaning that it takes a great deal of mechanically enforced pressure to dent this incredible hardwood. When it is harvested, mahogany is usually cut from quartered logs, meaning that unlike many other variants of hardwood, mahogany is unlikely to warp in extreme temperatures as the seasons change.

One major benefit to mahogany’s durability is the less frequent need for refinishing. While it’s not as stoic as deluxe vinyl or other wood imitations, mahogany will show fewer scratches and other blemishes than other hardwoods under similar conditions.

The Fade

Mahogany will take more time than other hardwoods to fade under exposure to strong sunlight in the home. It’s not invincible though – over time, its color will yield to prolonged sun exposure. Interestingly, when this happens, mahogany will typically become darker in tone! For this reason mahogany intended to floor a sunny home is best acquired as light as possible so that this effect can be mitigated.

Brandywine Valley mahogany floor


Good mahogany flooring is worth every penny, but this hardwood tends more toward the expensive side. It can be more difficult to locate, and its numerous positive qualities will often demand a higher price range.

Questions About Mahogany?

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