Kennett Square white oak hardwood floor

At Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley, we’re hardwood experts. While there are many varieties of wood flooring for Kennett Square homeowners to choose from, we want to cover a particularly hard-working hardwood.

White oak is a time-tested choice for hardwood flooring and other heavy-duty projects. In fact, it’s historically been used for shipbuilding. The famous frigate Constitution was largely composed of white oak, which served it quite well in battle on the high seas. Of course, there are plenty of modern benefits to white oak as well!

The Structure

Oak, in general, tends toward the strong side, and white oak is no exception. It is known for its durability, rating a strong 1360 on the Janka hardness scale. White oak’s non-porous grain means that it accepts stain evenly and with greater ease than many other hardwood floors. It is a strong choice for homeowners in moist climates due to its rot resistance. If you are thinking of having hardwood installed as a deck, there are few better options than the resilient white oak.

The Visuals

White oak works especially well with gray staining because of its complementary yellow undertones. Its grain pattern is longer, straighter, and packed more tightly than most hardwoods. Additionally, the grain pattern is consistent from plank to plank, remaining long and straight. For homeowners in search of a wood that is more neutral and unified across planks, white oak is an excellent choice.

Kennett Square white oak hardwood floor

Distressed hardwood is a popular option for a well-worn, rustic look. White oak is very receptive to distressing techniques due to its lighter tone, which allows the distress to appear more visibly across the planks.

What You Get

With white oak, what you get is a strong, durable, healthy wood floor with rot resistance. It stains and distresses well, and creates a calm sense of unity with its consistent grain pattern. It will perform better than the majority of hardwood floors in humid areas, and due to its wide availability, it is often acquired for flooring at a reasonable cost.

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