marble tile in media, paMarble has an elegant appeal that simply cannot be replicated by other, similar types of tile. It is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but it can in fact be ideal for any room in the home. Following are some tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley to help you purchase marble tile that is the right color, shape and size for your Media home.

Style and Color Ideas

Marble is perfect for rooms that are meant to have a simple yet sophisticated style of décor. Bathrooms and kitchens are common areas for light white or grey marble tile floors, counters, or backsplashes. However, living rooms and dining rooms are also great candidates for marble accents on the floor or walls. Black marble is a unique option for a kitchen that gets plenty of natural light or is meant to have a minimalist style of décor.

It’s important to consider the finish of the marble tile as well. Honed marble is a good choice if you are concerned about safety or simply don’t want the look of a high-gloss finish. It will blend right in with modern designs and provide better traction for flooring surfaces. Polished marble, on the other hand, delivers a high shine that is gorgeous in more traditional homes.

marble tile bathroom in media, paPatterns

Patterned marble floors and backsplashes are a great way to make a statement and often act as the centerpiece of the room. Select two varying shades to create show-stopping patterns. Alternatively, some individuals mix and match marble tile with wood tiles to create an elegant pattern that is impossible not to notice.

Marble tiles are available in various sizes. Large tiles give an area a spacious feel and fewer grout lines than small square or mosaic tiles.  Mosaic tiles, which are available in a number of sizes, are best for bathrooms or small rooms that would look good with textured surfaces.

It is possible to purchase marble slabs if you want a uniform look with no grout lines. However, this type of surface is both expensive and nearly impossible to repair should it become cracked, chipped, or stained.

Get Started

The size, style of décor and the amount of natural light in your home will all have a bearing on the type, size and color of marble tile you choose. If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, contact the team at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley. We’ll help you make the right choice for your Media area home.

Marble is a natural stone and, as such, it is not only unique and good looking but also eco-friendly. It can brighten up any room of the home and is suitable for both contemporary and traditional architecture. Choose a color, style and pattern with care and maintain your new marble tile so you can enjoy the look for many years to come.

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