Natural Stone Flooring in MediaNatural stone tile is a beautiful flooring choice for homes in the Media area. Stone tile differs from all other tile variations since it is not born from a man-made process. These tiles are quarried directly from the earth so each piece is naturally designed and completely unique.

Besides their natural look, stone tiles are popular in Media homes for their versatility and durability. They are great for a wide variety of projects including floors, backsplashes, bathrooms and more.  

There are several variations of natural stone tile, each with its own unique characteristics. This beginner guide outlines five of the most popular types: granite, slate, limestone, marble, and travertine.

Slate and Granite

Slate and granite tiles are known for their extreme durability and are very popular for high foot-traffic areas. They both come in various densities depending on your budget. Slate tiles can be left naturally rough for improved gripping in entryways and kitchens, or polished down for tabletops. Granite, formed by extreme pressure, is one of the hardest flooring materials and is virtually scratch and stain resistant.

Marble, Travertine, and Limestone

Luxury comes to mind when considering marble, travertine or other limestone tiles. Limestone tiles are recognizable for the fossilized shells and coral pieces within their pattern. While they are beautiful, these tiles are more porous than slate or granite so they require additional sealants to prevent damage. Travertine is sensitive to acidic substances like orange juice or mouthwash, which makes it most suited for backsplashes.  

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If you are looking for a true one-of-a-kind tile with its own unique story, consider a natural stone tile option. The team at Floor Coverings International Brandywine Valley is dedicated to finding the perfect flooring solution for your Media home. Call now to schedule a free in-home consultation or to learn more about your flooring options. Book now!

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